P630 Nuclear Astrophysics

Charles J. Horowitz
Indiana University
Fall 2002-2003
Email: horowit@indiana.edu

Fundamental properties of nuclei and nuclear reactions and the applications of nuclear physics to astronomy.  Big bang nucleosynthesis, energy generation and element synthesis in stars.  The rapid and slow neutron capture processes for creating heavy elements, solar neutrino reactions and solar neutrinos,  supernovae and neutrino interactions in dense matter.

Vela nebula:  Supernova remnant where newly created elements are spread into the interstellar medium.

The main themes for this class are nucleosynthesis [how were/are the elements made and in what astrophysical enviornments] and astrophysical neutrinos [from the sun, cosmic rays and supernovae:  how the neutrinos are produced and detected and what they have to say about both neutrinos and the universe].

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