Spring 2001

Meets: MWF 2:30 in Swain West 217
Web Site: http://physics.indiana.edu/~charlie/qm

Instructor: Charles Horowitz
Swain West 233
E-mail: charlie@iucf.indiana.edu
Office hours: MF 1:30-2:30 or by appointment

Play an introductory video (real player format)

Text: David J. Griffiths, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Note: We will follow the
text fairly closely.

Grade: Will be based on homework (40%), a small numerical project (extra credit), a midterm
(20%), and a final (40%). Class participation will be rewarded extra credit.

The homework will consist of problem sets due about once a week. These are the heart of the class. Important: Late homework will not be accepted. You should simply turn in what you have on the due date and will be given partial credit. This is to keep you from falling behind and to be fair to others in the class.

The small numerical project is a chance for you to solve (on the computer) a simple QM problem which lacks an analytical solution. Details and some suggested problems will be provided in class. For example, find the ground state energy of a given 1 dim potential. This should not involve large amounts of time.

Grader: Kuiru Li
Office: Swain West 129
E-mail: kuli@indiana.edu

Goal: The course strives to teach students how to "do" quantum mechanics, i.e. how to
solve real world quantum mechanical problems. We will work towards this by
solving some important problems in class and discussing the formalism and basic
principles of quantum mechanics.


I. Introduction: The Importance of Quantum Mechanics
II. Schrodinger Equation and the Wave Function
III. Solutions to Schrodinger Equation: square well, harmonic oscillator, free particle, delta function pot
IV. Formalism of QM: Linear algebra, Uncertainty Principle
V. QM in Three Dimensions: hydrogen atom, angular momentum
VI. Identical Particles and Quantum Statistical Mechanics
VII. Perturbation Theory (as time allows)