Physics P110/120 - Fall 2004
Energy/Energy & Technology
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P120 Energy: choices for our future

Course Information:

Course description with course philosophy and grading scheme.
Syllabus for the course.
Physics Forum and its schedule.
Climate Data and Degree Days for Indianapolis 

2004-5 Exam Solutions

2004-5 Homework and Solutions

BELOW is OLD Information from LAST YEAR

Information from P120 last year.  Note there are important differences in the classes!

Articles: Comments on the three assigned articles due Sept. 4, Oct. 9, and Nov. 13.
     Energy Related Journals in the Physics and Business Libraries
Article form: A convenient coverpage for your photocopied articles.
Papers: Comments on the two short papers due on Nov. 20 and Dec. 4.
Student Academic Center (SAC) has a number of excellent workshops
               on doing well in IU courses.  I recommend them highly.

2003-4 Homework Information (last years!):

Homework 1 (due September 9, 2003, Tuesday noon).  Solutions.
Homework2and useful Energies (due September 16, 2003, Tuesday noon). Solutions.
Homework3 and Resources (due September 23, 2003, Tuesday noon). Solutions.
Homework4 (due September 30, 2003, Tuesday noon). Solutions.
Homework5 (due October 14, 2003, Tuesday noon). Solar Sheet. Biomass Sheet. Solutions.
Homework6 (due October 21, 2003, Tuesday noon). Madame Curie., Reactors. Solutions.
Homework7 (due October 28, 2003, Tuesday noon). Radiation, Solutions.
Homework8 (due November 4, 2003, Tuesday noon). Solutions.
Homework9 (due December 9, 2003, Tuesday noon). Papers. Feedback. Solutions.

Exam Information from 2003:

Exam I Notes (This is a nice list of my favorite topics for the exam.)
Practice Exam I (Last year's test for practice)
Exam I Help Session (Tuesday Evening, Oct. 2, 2003, 8:30-10:00 pm in SW007)
Exam I Grade Scale: A-/A/A+ = 86-98, B-/B/B+ = 73-85, C-/C/C+ = 60-72, D/D+ = 50/59.

Exam II Notes (This is a nice list of my favorite topics for the second exam.)
Practice Exam II (Last year's test for practice)
Exam II Help Session (Tuesday Evening, November 4, 2003, 8:30-10:00 pm in SW007)
Exam II Grade Scale:A-/A/A+ = 87-100, B-/B/B+ = 74-86, C-/C/C+ = 60-73, D/D+ = 50/59.

Exam III Notes (This is a nice list of my favorite topics for the third exam.)
Practice Exam III (Last year's test for practice)
Exam III Help Session (Tuesday Evening, December 16, 2003, 8:30-10:00 pm in SW007)
Exam III Grade Scale:

Useful Information for your papers (note papers not required in 2004-5):

Web of Science A really good source of excellent articles on your topic.
click here P120 Research Papers Information (Fall 2003).

click here Access to INSPEC to find articles of interest.
                    (Click on INSPEC when you get to the Swain West Library Page.)
click here Wonderful Web Sites collated by Prof. Andy Bacher for E105.
click here Online Fulltext Journals and Newspapers Available.
                    (OVID is an excellent choice, then Elite Journals, then refereed.)
click here Science, Environment and Policy Report (US Government, Jan. 2003)
Active Solar Energy site, Passive Solar Energy site, Photovoltaic site, BP Photovoltaic.
Nanotechnology and Solar Cells.
U.S. PIRG Report: A Comprehensive Look At America's Dirtiest Power Plants.