Journal Club: Indiana University Dept. of Physics

Organized by Chuck Horowitz

Welcome to an informal physics journal club on Weds. at 12:15.  All are welcome.   The Journal club presents recent results and covers a very wide range of topics.  Feel free to suggest topics, articles, or speakers or to volunteer to help present a talk. Please send comments via email to horowit "at" or phone 812 855-2959 or 812 855-0303. Presentations should be short and simple and not require much preparation.  Please let me know if you would like to be involved and give or help with a presentation! All are welcome!

Please come for the good discussion!

Talks should be self-contained and accessible to a beginning Physics graduate student.

  Summer 2010: Normally in Swain West 238.

June 2 Simon Kelly and Evan Weisman will talk on the Indiana long range foree experiment. Please see Long_experiment from Nature.

June 9 Denver Whittington, TBA

June 16 Helber Dussan and Gang Shen, New long range forces in neutron stars. See

arXiv:0908.1922 , Super-soft symmetry energy encountering non-Newtonian gravity in neutron stars
Authors: De-Hua Wen, Bao-An Li, Lie-Wen Chen
Comments: Version accepted by Physical Review Letters

June 23 Kazimier Bodek, Time reversal violation in neutron deacy.

June 30 No journal club, CPT meeting.

July 7 Erick Smith and Rakshya Khatiwada, will talk on Spin dependent long range forces and a 3He experiment.

July 14

July 21 Mike Seifert, will talk on LIGO results

July 28 Aditi Raval, Casimir effect

Aug 4

Aug 11 Josh Long, neutron interferometer experiment on long range forces.

Aug. 18 Sal Lombardo, Long range forces and a scanning tunneling microsocpe.




Spring 2009:

Feb. 25, 2009 Joe Hughto will speak on B. Pontecorvo's 1946 lecture on how to observe neutrinos

Mar 4 Gang Shen will speak on observing extrasolar planets

Mar 11 Lance Garrison will speak on arctic climate change

Mar 18 Spring break

Mar 25 Nick Timme may speak on the mind

Apr 1 Brad Shaefer will speak on Teleportation

Apr 8 Bob Armstrong will speak on the Fermi Gamma Ray Observatory

Apr 15 Emilio Cobanero will talk on Evolution and Darwin's 200th birthday

Apr 21 Leonid Isaev will talk on A new class of high temperature superconducters NOTE TALK IS ON TUESDAY!

Apr 29 Paul Stonaha will speak on Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes for Solar Water Splitting

Spring 2008, Fall 2007:

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