Rel. Mean Field and Virial EOS based on the NL3 interaction

The format of these equation of state tables is described in a readme.pdf file

The full equation of state table including baryon, photon, and lepton contributions is in a gzip compressed ~100 MB file NL3eos1.03.dat.gz

The baryon only EOS table without photon and lepton contributions is NL3eosb1.03.dat.gz

readeos.f is a sample fortran file to read the above tables.

The current version of this EOS is 1.03 (as of March, 2011).

***** Version Notes NL3 based EOS ********

Here are short notes regarding updates to the equation of state table. References include: “Equation of state of nuclear matter in a viril expansion of nucleons and nuclei”, G. Shen, C. J. Horowitz, S. Teige, Phys. Rev. C 82, 045802 (2010). “Equation of State of Dense Matter from a density dependent relativistic mean field model”, G. Shen, C. J. Horowitz, S. Teige, Phys. Rev. C 82, 015806 (2010).

NL3eos1.03, 3/8/2011
Corrects error in proton chemical potential at very small proton fraction

Eos1.02, 10/27/2010
Corrects errors in neutron and proton chemical potentials at a small number of low temperature points.

Eos1.01, 10/9/2010
Gives more accurate pressure at low densities.

Eos1.0, 9/22/2010
Smoothes pressure and entropy as a function of density to give better adiabatic index and removes oscillations in sound speed. Now on 40 points per decade grid.

Eos_80, 7/30/2010
Original version of EOS table on 80 points per decade grid.

Older versions of the EOS, that you probably don't want to use unless you have a particular reason, are available here.

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