Program of CSB workshop June 13-17, 2005

All talks are 30min (presentation)  + 15 min discussion except * talks which are 20 min (presentation) + 10min discussion.
Author titles are in quotes,  other titles are simply suggestions.

Monday morning: Introduction (Chair W. van Oers)
8:30-9:15 Registration
9:15-9:30  Welcome C. Horowitz
9:30-10:15 G. Miller, Introduction to charge Symmetry Breaking (CSB)
10:15-11:00 G. Colangelo , Introduction to chiral pertubation theory and the u and d quark masses
11:00-11:30 coffee
11:30-12:15 B. van Kolck, "Charge Symmetry in QCD and Pion Production"
12:15-13:00 B. Kubis, Virtual photons

Monday Afternoon: CSB in np->d pi (Chair C. Hanhart)
14:30-15:15 A. Opper, CSB in np -> d pi
15:15-15:45 J. Niskanen*, "Calculations for pn->d pi0"
15:45-16:15 Coffee
16:15-16:45 A. Gardestig*, np->d pi chiral pert. theory
16:45-17:30 V. Lensky, "Subtleties in pion production reactions on few nucleon systems"

Tuesday Morning: dd->He pi (Chair M. Buescher)
9:00-9:45 E. Stephenson, "Observation of the charge symmetry breaking d+d -> 4He+pi0 reaction near threshold"
9:45-10:30 A. Gardestig, "First results for d d -> alpha pi0"
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:30 A. Bacher*, "CSB vs direct or extra photons in d+d -> 4He+pi0"
11:30-12:15 A. Nogga, "The dd -> alpha pi0 reaction with realistic wave functions"

Tuesday Afternoon: dd->He pi cont.  (Chair E. Stephenson)
14:30-15:15 A. Micherdzinska, "Polarized d+d elastic scattering at 231.8 MeV"
15:15-16:00 A. Fonseca, "Initial state rescattering contributions to d+d-alpha+pi0"
16:00-16:30 Coffee
16:30-17:15 V. Hejny, "Investigations on p-wave contributions in dd->alpha pi0 with WASA at COSY"
17:15-17:45 F. Myhrer*, "Radiative corrections and low energy constants"

Tuesday Evening: (Chair B. van Kolck)
20:00-? Informal discussion CSB and pion production.

Wednesday Morning: pi-N system. (Chair F. Myhrer)
9:00-9:45 A. Bernstein, "Primex experiment"
9:45-10:30 M. Knecht, "Update on Chiral Perturbation Theory"
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:45 P. Kroll, "Mixing of the the pseudoscalar mesons"
11:45-12:30 D. Gotta, "Pionic hydrogen"

Wednesday Afternoon: Hike

Thursday Morning: CSB in nucleon and nuclear systems (Chair G. Miller)
9:00-9:45 W. van Oers, "Charge Symmetry Breaking and the Nucleon-Nucleon System"
9:45-10:30 D. Phillips, "Using chiral perturbation theory to extract the neutron-neutron scattering length from pi^- d->n n gamma.
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:45 E. Epelbaum, "Isospin dependence of nuclear forces"
11:45-12:30 A. Zuker, "Isospin violations and the Shell Model"

Thursday Afternoon: Meson decays (Chair S. Gardner).
14:00-14:45 H. Neufeld, "Isospin violation in pion and kaon decays"
14:45-15:30 J. Bijnens, "Eta decays and other isospin breaking effects in meson physics"
15:30-16:00 Coffee
16:00-16:45 B. Burasoy, "Theory for eta-prime decays"
16:45-17:30 M. Wolke, "eta, eta' decays with WASA"
17:30-18:15 V. Kleber, "a0-f0 Mixing"

Friday Morning: Applicatins of CSB (Chair C. Horowitz)
9:00-9:45 S. Gardner, "The Impact of Isospin Breaking on Precision Studies of CP Violation"
9:45-10:30 K. Kumar, "Parity violating deep inelastic scattering: a new probe of charge symmetry breaking"
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:45 T. Londergan, "Isospin Violating Parton Distributions"
11:45-12:30 N. Kaiser, Insights from Large Nc

Friday Afternoon:
14:30-? Discussion:
What should be measured?
What should be calculated?
What are the problems/ possibilities?