PREX workshop Aug. 3-7, ECT*, Trento, Italy

Draft Schedule as of June 1, 2009:


All talks are 25 minutes in length plus 10 min. for discussion.

Where listed, the topics are just suggestions of the organizers.



Monday Aug. 3


Morning: Introduction

K. Kumar, Overview parity violating electron scattering

S. Reddy, Overview neutron rich matter in astrophysics

I. Sick, Measuring neutron densities with parity violation

A. Brown, Neutron densities and nuclear structure


Afternoon: Symmetry Energy

P. Danielewicz, Symmetry energy in nuclei

B. Tsang, Measuring symmetry E in HI collisions

Bao-An Li, Measuring symmetry E at high densities

A. Bracco, Exp. giant resonances

Discussion: What are our strategic goals?



Tuesday Aug. 4


Morning: Nuclear Structure I

M. Bender

K. Blaum

N. Van Giai

S. Goriely

O. Moreno, Isospin mixing and PV e scattering


Afternoon: Astrophysics I

J. Lattimer, Neutron star masses and radii

R. Rutledge, Measuring neutron star radii

D. Blaschke, Quark matter in neutron stars (tentative)

M. Baldo, Nuclear and neutron matter EOS

Discussion: Neutron rich matter in astrophysics


Wednesday Aug. 5


Morning: Atomic PNC

K. Tsigutkin, PNC in Yb

G. Gwinner, PNC in Fr

L. Wansbeek, PNC in Ra+

L. Diepernik, Neutron densities for atomic PNC

B. Krusche, Neutron  radii from photo-pion production


Afternoon: Free


Thursday Aug. 6


Morning: Astrophysics II

B. Owen, Gravity waves and neutron rich matter

I. Jones, Neutron star oscillations and neutron rich matter

S. Gupta, Nuclear reactions in NS crust

E. Brown, Neutron star cooling

A. Steiner, Symmetry energy and NS shear modes


Afternoon: The PREX experiment

R. Michaels

P. Souder

G. Urciuoli

M. Gorshteyn, Radiative corrections

Discussion: Plans for PREX physics analysis


Friday: Aug. 7


Morning: Nuclear structure II

P. Ring

L. Robledo

C. Scheidenberger

M. Stoitsov

P. Moller



Afternoon: Final discussion

Conference ends mid afternoon