The International Workshop on “The Lead Radius Experiment and Neutron Rich Matter in Astrophysics and in the Laboratory”.

This will be held August 3-7, 2009 at the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) in Trento, Italy.

The Lead Radius Experiment (PREX) uses parity violation to accurately determine the radius of the neutron distribution in 208Pb. This fascinating measurement has remarkably broad implications for nuclear structure, astrophysics, atomic parity violation and low energy tests of the Standard Model. During a weeklong program we will discuss the experiment's many implications and review final plans for PREX. In addition, we hope to improve communication between electron scattering, nuclear structure, astrophysics, and atomic parity communities and between North American and European researchers. The program will involve many experimentalists, in addition to theorists, and emphasize the close interplay between theory, observation, and experiment.

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Scientific workshop proposal (pdf file)

The program will include:

The PREX experiment

Neutron densities and nuclear structure

Atomic parity non-conservation and neutron densities

Other experiments probing neutron densities or the nuclear symmetry energy

Neutron rich matter in astrophysics including neutron star and neutron star crust properties

List of Speakers Includes (pfd file)

Information on the workshop location is at the ECT* web site

Information on a previous 2008 PREX workshop is at

Draft workshop poster PREX_poster.pdf


Charles Horowitz (Indiana University)

Kees de Jager (JLAB)

Paul Gerhard Reinhard (Univ. of Erlangen)